Armenian delegation to depart for Iran to hold talks on gas imports

Yerevan, June 12, 2018

An Armenian delegation is due in Tehran next week for negotiations on new prices and an increase of Iranian gas imports to Armenia, according to Behzad Babazadeh, the director of international affairs of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC). 

According to Behzad Babazadeh, Yerevan thermal power plant has requested for more Iranian gas. Noting that the contract between NIGC and Yerevan thermal power plant provides that the Iranian gas shall be exchanged with electricity generated by the other side, Babazadeh said that the Armenian side wants imported gas from Iran to be increased from 1 mcm to 1.6 mcm. 

Iranian officials say that the pipelines are capable enough for pumping more gas to Armenia and Iran has no problem with increasing the volume of gas exports to the country in so far as Yerevan can pay the price or provide Iran with more electricity. Armenia began importing gas from Iran in exchange for electricity in 2009.