President Sarkissian attends exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of first Armenian Republic

Yerevan, May 22, 2018

Over 100 pieces of the members of the Painters’ Union of Armenia are exhibited on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first Armenian Republic.

“The Painters’ Union has always touched the most important events of the state and the nation. This year 50 exhibitions are planned, the most important of which opened today. 500 pieces were submitted for participation in this exhibition, but today only 100 are exhibited. The committee was very strict and selected the best ones”. ARMENPRESS reports the Chairman of the Painters’ Union Karen Aghamyan as saying.

President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian also visited the exhibition. He conferred that he is really happy to have been invited to the exhibition by the painters of the country. “In the 60s, when I was still a youngster, this building was a temple for the youth. I remember that every year exhibitions were held here where the pieces of our famous painters, Minas Avetisyan, Yervand Kochar and others were exhibited”, President Sarkissian said, hoping that Armenia will become better every day.