Nikol Pashinyan presented Suren Papikyan

I believe investments will come, particularly from the Armenian Diaspora

Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan presented Suren Papikyan, the newly appointed RA Minister for Territorial Administration and Development.


The Prime Minister pointed out that the issue of steady territorial development is extremely important, and he sees new opportunities for renewed achievements, within the newly created situation. “I hope that new investments will come to Armenia, particularly from the Diaspora. This will additionally contribute towards provincial development. I hope that with the new political condition the philosophy towards provisional investments will evolve toward the positive, and investors will more actively consider creating jobs within the provinces” Prime Minister Pashinyan said.

PM Pashinyan noted that there is a huge amount of uncultivated land in the countryside, largely in a dehydrated condition. It is necessary to make irrigation as accessible as electricity is. “We need to work on the efficiency of the local self-government bodies. We must be able to save the villages, not merely to stop the process of slowdown, but we need to drag the wheel back to its development path. We must address the challenges for our villages, the village must prove that contrary to the need for consolidation, there is a realistic livelihood and economic cycle in the villages. These are actual issues, for which we must work and find solutions.

Newly appointed Minister Papikyan, in his turn, mentioned that he had meetings with sectoral officials. “We are ready to work for the issues raised by you,” the Minister said. Pm Pashinyan stressed that it should contribute to the establishment of inner democracy, and Nikol Pashinyan noted that the public should be involved in the governance processes and the reforms should be supported by the public in order to be effective.


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