Russia accepts Armenian migration service’s request to abolish entry ban for 6,000 citizens

    Armenia’s state migration service has applied to the Russian migration service with a request to cancel the entry ban for nearly 15 thousand people.

     During today’s Parliamentary debates, opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan asked Gagik Yeganyan, head of the state migration service on the matter. “This relates to those people who have committed misdemenour, knowingly or unknowingly, in Russia. Russia has issued legal and practice sanctions when those people have left the country. When in 2014 this process began, nearly 3 million people appeared in a difficult situation. Naturally this relates not only to citizens of Armenia”, Yeganyan said.

     He added that on the sidelines of a cooperation agreement, they designed a mechanism with their Russian counterparts whereby people can apply to Armenia’s migration service.

     “Our service applies to the federal migration service, asking to mitigate or eliminate the sanctions”.

     Requests for 6 thousand people from 15 thousand were granted. Sanctions for another 22 thousand people, whose violations were very insignificant and who were hesitating to leave the country, were abolished.


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