The Application “Zangi” Of The Armenian Production Introduced A Number Of News To The “Mobile World Congress”

Barcelona is hosting the “Mobile World Congress”, the largest exhibition in the field of telecommunication, which this year for the first time is attended by the Armenian delegation. The application “Zangi” of the Armenian production also has its pavilion at the exhibition.

Mr. Vahan Martirosyan, Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia, visited the pavilion of the application “Zangi”, got acquainted with the innovations offered by the Company.

According to Company representatives there have been great interest in the pavilion since yesterday, which implies further expansion of international cooperation, increase of the Company’s recognition.

The Company’s latest innovations are introduced in the pavilion of the “Zangi”. “Zangi”’s web version has been issued, which gives the user an opportunity to use the same account not only on the smartphone and tablet, but also on computer browser. The other innovation is the “Zangi”’s application “desktop”. The option of the “group chat” became available.

Press Service
Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of RA


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