Kim Kardashian Becomes Honorary Armenian Ambassador Of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian is currently in New York where Kanye West was supposed to give a concert at a music festival, but the concert was cancelled, leading to mass disturbances on the streets, writes Artsakhpress.

Later, Kim was spotted watching a Broadway musical with her husband and daughter, North West. Before leaving for New York, the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital gave special thanks to Kim Kardashian.

During a meeting with the Honorary Ambassadors of the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, President of the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Paul Viviano granted a plaque to Kim Kardashian, recognizing her as the Honorable Armenian Ambassador of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Among the special guests was Archbishop Hovnan Derderiain. Kim stated that she was delighted by the fact that her work was appreciated by the Armenian community and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The 35-year-old Armenian American woman has been visiting and helping the hospital for eight years running.

The Armenian Ambassadors of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a group of Armenians who support the hospital and create a healthy future for the children.

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