Efforts for Artsakh’s International Recognition Continue

Press Secretary of the President of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic David Babayan assures that an interesting development in terms of international recognition of Artsakh is expected in 2016. In an interview with “Armenpress”, Babayan did not want to disclose the details yet, but noted that relevant work is being done towards Artsakh’s international recognition.

“The adoption of the draft in the US State of Georgia on recognition of Artsakh’s independence will not be the last move of its kind,” Babayan said.

He praised the call of the “Californian Courier” Editor Harut Sassounian, who stated that the issue of Artsakh’s recognition needs to be raised to all US presidential candidates.

“Questions about the Armenian Genocide and Artsakh independence should be linked to each other. In recent years, we see a lot of sympathy for Karabakh in the international arena, and striking evidence of this is the recent decision of the State of Georgia. Azerbaijan carries out its propaganda, based on bribes, and we do business based on values and friendship. Moneygrubbing will never become an ideological ally,” Babayan said.

According to Babayan, it is necessary to continue fighting for the recognition of Artsakh’s independence in the international arena as much as possible.


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