Aram Khachaturian is The Only Foreigner to Be Granted The First Class Order by an Egyptian President

“100 years have already passed since the first genocide of the 20th century. History has recorded the killings of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 perpetrated by the Turks, the deportations of the survivors towards the deserts, the seizure and pillaging of their homeland,” writes Mekaui Sayid in his article printed in the Al Masri Al Eau Egyptian newspaper, according to Hayern Aysor.

The author of the article emphasizes the fact that Egypt was the first country in the Middle East to condemn the Armenian Genocide. Egypt also received the deported Armenians, regardless of pressure from Turkey.

“There have been proclaimed Armenian artists, including painters, musicians and actors. Armenians have played a huge and wonderful role in music, creating musical groups that have captivated the Egyptians with their concerts.

In 1962, composer Aram Khachaturian gave a concert in Egypt, and it was a major event in the country. It should be mentioned that at the time, President of Egypt Abdul Nasir presented Aram Khachaturian with the First Class Order of Art, which has not been granted to any other foreigner in Egypt,” writes Mekawy Sayid.

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