Experts: To prevent spread of pan-Turkism, Europe should “put a straitjacket” on Turkey

  • by Nana Martirosyan

  • To prevent the spread of pan-Turkism on the threshold of the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Europe should put a straitjacket on Turkey, political expert Levon Shirinyan said at a press conference on Saturday. 

    He said that Turkey sponsors the Islamists, who seriously endanger Europe and the whole world. In this light, he calls on the international community to start supporting Armenia, which was the first to suffer from Turkey’s actions. “On the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, it is necessary to put a straitjacket on Turkey the way it was done with Germany in the context of Holocaust”, he said.  Shirinyan also urges the international community to recognize the independence of the NKR and support its sustainable development so that Artsakh and Armenia, together with the whole world, could fight pan- Turkism.      

    For his part, theologian Vardan Khachatryan thinks that one should ask nobody for anything, because history shows that only strong countries are respected. “Armenia should consolidate the old and the new Diasporas and launch a serious campaign on Genocide recognition, otherwise, the international community will keep ignoring the country”, he said.    

    Both experts believe that only the leaders of Ankara’s close partners will accept Turkey’s invitation to attend the events dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli. 

    To note, Armenia has set up a special committee to handle issues related to the events dedicated to the 100th mourning anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Leaders of different countries are invited to attend these events in 2015. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has invited his Armenian counterpart to attend the events on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli. Sargsyan has rejected the invitation. He has reminded Erdogan that a few months ago he invited him to attend the 24 April 2015 events in Yerevan to pay tribute to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.

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