A denial stamp issue of Azerbaijan with Armenian churches of Upper Karabagh … no mention of their Armenian origin

by Krikor Amirzayan

Azerbaijan has issued series of six stamps dedicated to monuments, mosques and churches Karabakh. Each stamp has a value of 0.5 manat. But this issue falls within the denial of state of Azerbaijan as presenting churches and mosques, Baku wishes to present to the world a culture of tolerance and religious plurality.

The problem is that the two Armenian churches presented Khoudavank and Gantsassar (the latter being the spiritual home of the Armenians of Karabakh) does not mention their Armenian origin! Present two works of the Armenian Heritage Karabakh without reference to their origin is a purely revisionist approach whose goal is the confusion of assimilating these elements Azeri heritage. Baku has thus inspired Ankara which still features monuments, works or structures belonging to the Armenian architectural heritage such Ani … no mention of their Armenian origin. Today Baku uses this same method to present Armenian churches with mosques, thus sowing a much confusion voluntary service to his denial machine.


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