Catholicos Aram I – Armenia and Diaspora Have Different Approaches, but Same Aim, Regarding Genocide Demands

On October 21, Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia rubbed shoulders with Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan at a celebration in Nor Jougha (Iran) marking the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Holy Savior Cathedral (Sourb Amenaprkich)

Abrahamyan was in Iran heading an Armenian delegation for talks with government officials

Also on hand from Armenia were Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakobyan and Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan. (A press release from the Great House of Cilicia says that seven Armenian ministers were on hand)

Prime Minister Abrahamyan is said to have congratulated the Nor Jougha Armenian community for maintaining its identity for the past 400 years.

Catholicos Aram I, in his remarks, noted nations live and survive based on certain holy values and that in the case of Armenians there are four such values – the church, the fatherland, culture and resoluteness in demanding justice.

“No matter what the conditions that surround us, wherever we are and no matter how many years separate us from the year that the Genocide took place, we will remain defiant in our demands,” Catholicos Aram I told the audience at the Nor Jougha Ayrarat Union hall.

The church leader added that while Armenia, as a state, pursues our demands in a different style and with a different emphasis from the diaspora, in essence, our aim is the same and must be.

“As the interpreter of our people’s heart I say to you that we cannot forget the sacred legacy our martyrs, our nation’s violated rights. The international community and the committer of the Genocide must always realize that our nation will persevere to demand the restitution of its violated rights,” said Catholicos Aram I.

After a gala dinner, the guests visited the library of the cathedral for a short historical overview by Diocesan Council Secretary Noel Minasyan.

Also attending the celebration was Rasul Zargarpur, Governor of Isfahan Province.

Photo:Holy Savior Cathedral library(from left) – Catholicos Aram I, Hranoush Hakobyan, Hovik Abrahamyan, Noel Minasyan, Hasmik Poghosyan.

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