Unexpected Proposal From Artsakh

Hakob Badalyan, Political Commentator
In an interview with the Voice of America, the NKR President Bako Sahakyan said during his latest meeting with the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs he asked them to pass his invitation to the presidents of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries Obama, Hollande and Putin to visit Artsakh.

“We think the leaders of co-chair countries cannot achieve serious success if they deal with the destiny of a country and people without direct interaction with that country,” Bako Sahakyan said.

The proposal of the president of Artsakh is interesting indeed. The co-chairs of the Minsk Group will especially be delighted to learn that they are dealing with the destiny of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh. They have hardly realized this. No doubt Obama, Hollande and Putin believe that they are dealing with other issues, broader and more comprehensive ones, and in this context they also have to deal with the conflict over Artsakh. It is very much possible that if the destiny of a country and people is on their agenda, it is not Artsakh and its people but the United States and the Americans, France and the French, Russia and the Russians.

It is the government of Artsakh that should deal with the destiny of Artsakh and its people, while Obama, Hollande and Putin should learn about Artsakh not from their visit to Artsakh but seeing the ability of Artsakh to handle its own destiny. And it is not just a well-groomed town of Stepanakert because Hollande, Obama and Putin have seen many more better-groomed things. Artsakh must appear to the world with its political qualities which is practically impossible without Armenia.

The geopolitical actors do not need to go to some place to see and to learn. They just sit and wait until that particular subject is distinguished for something or displays credible capability for that.

In the competition of nations and peoples their ability to handle their destiny has always had a crucial importance. It is more important in the modern world when a process of forming a new world order is underway where the role and place of representatives and parasites is being clarified.

Armenia and Artsakh have to demonstrate what they deserve, the mission of the representative of a new world order or the status of a parasite.

Meanwhile, Obama, Hollande and Putin are not tourists to work out their own and international politics based on the results of their travel notes.

When Armenia and Artsakh won the first war imposed on them, no president had visited Artsakh but they all learned about Artsakh and Armenia very well. Then they changed crucially due to the conformism of their elites, their greed, their skills and craft to identify the state with their personal possessions or estates or trophy of war.

Now a process of handing it over or exchange of their personal security and welfare with more neutral resources is underway, and this process is passing with the connivance of the elites of Armenia and Artsakh.

Obama, Hollande and Putin do not need an invitation to see all this. They can see everything from where they are. For example, Obama and Hollande can see the letters handing the destiny of Artsakh to Putin and the visits of the leaders of Armenia and Artsakh with the authors of those letters to the front line from their places.

It is the Armenian and Artsakh elites that should have a side look at the results of their activities. They may then see better how they can deal with the destiny of their countries and peoples.


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