A Letter from a “KOHAR” Fan



Dear Mrs. Kohar Khachadourian, Khachadourian Brothers, Mr. Sevag Seropian, “KOHAR” symphony musicians and artists,

Recently, the world lost an extra-ordinary Armenian legend; “KOHAR” symphony’s Maestro, Mr. Sebouh Abkarian.

The Maestro was not an ordinary man; he was the man of ART and MUSIC. Music is not like Math or Science. Music is an imagination, full of colors, shapes and sizes. It transports us to an unknown beautiful place.  The Maestro was a good pilot; he made us fly high above the clouds.

Nowadays, some of the youth prefer to listen Pop, House, Electronic, R & B, and Hip Hop music, rather than listening to symphonic music. But those who enjoy listening to symphonic music appreciate the great Maestro’s art.

I hope you will find a conductor as good as the Legend himself. I wish you the best of luck in finding an artist that will take us to new places and make us enjoy what real music and art is.

Good Luck “KOHAR” symphony and orchestra!



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