Armenian Church of Kessab Was Re-consecrated

The Armenian church of Garaturan district in Kessab was re-consecrated. The event was attended by a huge crowd of people, according to the Facebook page of Gandzasar Weekly of Aleppo.

Archbishop Shahan Sargissian of the Armenian Prelacy of Aleppo conducted the ceremony of consecration on July 25.

And on July 27 the first liturgy was conducted in the church since the liberation of Kessab attended by a huge number of people on Vardavar holiday.

During his visit the archbishop passed to believers the support of Catholicos Aram I of the House of Cilicia.

Archbishop Sargissian got acquainted with the needs and problems of Armenians of Kessab to take action.

Note that the Syrian town of Kessab was attacked in late March, and the Armenian population had to leave their homes.

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