‘When this “too late” is?’: Armenian defense minister comments on Azerbaijani president’s statement

Armenian defense minister Davit Tonoyan commented on the statement of Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev who said “liberate our territories before it’s too late”.

Armenian defense minister’s spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan posted a video on Facebook where the defense minister is interested in when this “too late” is.

“First of all, given the fact that our Prime Minister, the President of Artsakh are always making peaceful statements, always call on to continue the negotiations, we cannot understand such statements [of the Azerbaijani president]. As a Defense Minister I would like to understand when this “too late” is”, Tonoyan said, adding that such statements are typical also to the Azerbaijani military leadership.

“Their military leadership states that they are ready to start military operations, they are just waiting for an order. Firstly, it’s not that as if we are not waiting for such an order. Secondly, the military operations in Tavush were the vivid evidence of the fact that the adversary, despite using latest equipment, has failed in a short period of time, suffering numerous losses”, the minister said.


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