Azerbaijani troops fire shots at Armenia’s Berd community in Tavush province

The Azerbaijani armed forces are firing shots at the Berd community of Armenia’s Tavush province, the community leader Harutyun Manucharyan told Armenpress.

He didn’t provide any other details, stating that he cannot talk at this moment.

Earlier today Armenian defense ministry spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan said that at night a movement of a tank of the Azerbaijani armed forces has been observed from the Armenian military positions, but it was stopped by the shot fired from the Armenian side.

Azerbaijan is targeting the Armenian civilian settlements in Tavush province from July 13, using mortar shells.

The Azerbaijani armed forces launched an attack on an Armenian military base located in Tavush province on July 12, using artillery, mortars and UAVs. In addition, the Azerbaijani side also shelled the town of Chinari in the province with mortars, damaging civilian homes.

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