Armenian PM addresses congratulatory message on Labor Day

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan addressed a congratulatory message on the occasion of the International Day of Labor and Workers, the PM’s Office told Armenpress.

The message says:

“Dear compatriots,

I congratulate all of us on the International Day of Labor and Workers.

Work is the only tool to solve the problems existing in our reality, and guided by the logic of human and national dignity, we should solve all issues facing us with our work.

Work is also the most creative platform for human cooperation, and the contemporary civilization has been created thanks to this cooperation. And therefore, the most important essence of work is not only using the existing opportunities, but also creating an opportunity for others.

My wish is for all of us to perceive work in this way because I continue to believe that personal effort and the productive work of that effort are the formula of solving all our problems. The efficiency of work is specifically important, but this is impossible without education, knowledge, skills. Education in its turn is work, and I see the solution of all our problems in the education-work-education formula.

Dear people,

This year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic many people are working in a remote mode, and many in more loaded and risky conditions.

Those working in healthcare, law enforcement, state security spheres, productions and import of food, medical items and medicines, deserve great appreciation, because their work ensures the viability of the country during the crisis.

Also, all employers deserve appreciation, who despite the economic difficulties continue keeping jobs, do not make cuts and also use the government’s anti-crisis programs, take actions to minimize the losses and develop further.

Despite the crisis the government of Armenia will continue its consistent policy of economic development by promoting the work and the working people.

Our anti-crisis programs are first of all directed to those people and companies who have worked in accordance with the Labor and Tax Codes of Armenia. By this we not only paid our tribute to these working people, but also took advantage of the fact that it’s easier to identify the registered employee in case when he/she losses job during the crisis and needs assistance. Having a registered job is an important guarantee for the protection of working rights, and I call on all employed people to demand employers to register their jobs and support the government in protecting their working rights.

Dear compatriots,

The Armenian people are known as hardworking, creative, talented people. And with their work and creative talent the Armenian people will build their dream homeland. This process has stated, will continue and will reach its victorious end despite the crisis.

Congratulations on May 1 and Love Live the creative work!”

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