Artsakh Ombudsman comments on statement of Azerbaijani Central Election Commission

Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan commented on the statement of the Azerbaijani Central Election Commission according to which the people of Artsakh can take part in the upcoming elections in Azerbaijan.

“The Azerbaijani CEC stated that the people of Karabakh can take part in the elections of Azerbaijan. I’m excited with this magnanimity. Instead of this, think of Armenophobia, domestic human rights and your democracy level. I am sure that the Azerbaijani people will be allowed to take part in the Artsakh elections if they get our citizenship”, the Artsakh Ombudsman said on Twitter.

Artsakh will hold parliamentary and presidential elections in April 2020.

Snap parliamentary elections will be held in Azerbaijan on February 9, 2020.

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