President’s New Year address

(Press Release, Office of the President of Armenia). President Armen Sarkissian has addressed the nation on the occasion of New Year holidays.

Below is the text of the address released through Sarkissian’s Office:


“Distiguished [sic] Citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Dear Compatriots all over the world,

Soon, we will turn another page of our history – year 2019. We will turn it with hope and faith towards the future, with new expectations and anticipations.

The passing year 2019 has been a year of shaping anew national and state objectives. Together, we have concluded another chapter of solidifying our statehood.

As a state, as a nation, as a big family we have the same priorities. But in 2020 our hopes should transform and translate into practical steps and results.

And I wish us all prudence, discipline, rational thinking, and tolerance.

Every single day we are thinking about our big and small families, about our home and Fatherland. Fatherland starts with family. Family is a starting point of our common and united Fatherland, defense of independence and security of Armenia and Artsakh. Our common will in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk [sic] is manifested in one thing – power and security of Armenia and Artsakh.


Family is also a guarantee of spiritual and moral safety, the pivot of our system of values, our language, our faith, our Church, our heritage, our national values, our Army, our indestructible and reliable stronghold…

Let’s not forget that a passing by stranger, a baker, who is making bread for us at nights, troops on the border, whose family and friends waiting for them anxiously, a doctor, who saves someone’s life and becomes his or her family, a florist, whose flowers we buy to please our darlings, a toiling farmer, who brings his produce to us all, a kindergarten nurse, who takes care of our little ones, everyone who brings love, happiness, attention and care to our children are also our family.

Let love, solidarity and tolerance reign in all families, as well as in our political and social life…

Care for the family is the care for the Fatherland, from Gyumri to Goris, from Syunik to Lori, from Artsakh to Tavush… Let’s rediscover our Fatherland together with our families.

Each family holds the promise of tomorrow, our future, our Fatherland’s future. Future is based on education, knowledge, culture, and new technologies. Armenia can and should be listed among the countries which are small but successful and powerful, whose voice is audible. We have a very precise advantage: a small country but a global nation.

Let’s become a harbor in the global ocean of data. Let’s move from soft engineering to artificial intelligence, from mathematics to mathematical modeling, from physcis [sic], chemistry, and biology to scientific innovations.

But be mindful that it is impossible to achieve success in a desert with no morality and no culture.

Let’s be tolerant towards each other but intolerant towards intolerance, corruption, and repulsive occurences [sic] in our society.

The Fatherland cannot be economically powerful unless there is supremacy of law. We must be a country of law and not only by adopting good laws but also by respecting and implementing the law. The Constitution and laws should not be viewed just as legal documents but as a culture and a way of life.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Let year 2020 be a year of new achievements and victories.

Let peace and success always accompany our country, all citizens of the Republic of Armenia, our people in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk, our families, each and everyone of us.

I send special best wishes to our military, war invalids, and families of the falled [sic] heroes, to lonely citizens and those in retirement homes, to multi-child families, to all workers of the healthcare system and patients under their care, and baby citizens of the Republic of Armenia, to all…

God bless our Fatherland and Armenian people all over the world.
Happy New Year”.

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