Armenia denies being told by US to withdraw humanitarian mission from Syria

The Armenian foreign ministry has denied a media report purporting that the United States Government has demanded the Armenian Government to withdraw its team of de-miners and medics from Syria.

Currently there are a few dozen of de-miners and medics from the Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining & Expertise deployed in Syria on a humanitarian mission.

“We have already denied this information many times. Currently an attempt is being made to re-circulate with new made-up details – which are also false – information which has already been denied by a governmental agency, and to develop a fake news made up from several layers. We find the ungrounded manipulations based on narrow personal interests of issues relating to the security of the Armenian community of Syria and the assistance provided to it to be inadmissible. Let me add off topic that ministries working in the security sector and their executives are in constant consultation over different issues, something the executives of these ministries themselves have numerously noted,” foreign ministry spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan said in response to an inquiry from Aysor, an online Armenian newspaper.

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