Armenia’s Civil Aviation Committee to come up with legislative proposal to remove “air tax”

Armenia’s Civil Aviation Committee will come up with a legislative proposal to change the so-called “air tax”, Chairwoman of the Committee Tatevik Revazyan said, adding that they propose to remove this “air tax” for newly-opening destinations.

“The biggest obstacle is that costs are high in Armenia. The Zvartnots airport’s tariffs are high, and this is supplemented by the air money. That 10.000 AMD is not small money. For instance, if the average price of the ticket of Ryanir company is 40 Euros in Europe, in case of Armenia it will be added by 20 Euros. This is a serious issue. We want to propose to remove the air money for the new destinations. When an airline is developing a new route, such tax is risky”, Revazyan said.

She added that if this legislative amendment is adopted and the Zvartnots airport revises its tariffs for the new directions, Wizz air and Ryanair are ready to enter into Armenia’s aviation market in summer 2020.

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