Hrayr Tovmasyan has no plans to resign

 President of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Hrayr Tovmasyan does not plan to resign and there is no crisis in the Constitutional Court, ARMENPRESS reports Tovmasyan told the reporters.

”There is no crisis in the Constitutional Court. You have seen the joint position of the Constitutional Court’s judges in the form of a statement”, Hrayr Tovmasyan said.

To the question how he sees the solution of the problem over the Constitutional Court, Tovmasyan said that he sees no problems and if he sees no prpblems, he cannot speak about solutions.

To the question how he works with Constitutional Court judge Vahe Grigoryan, Tovmasyan answered, ”We work normally. He participates in some discussions but does not attend the sessions”.

To the question if he is a Constitutional Court member ir judge, Tovmasyan answered that he is the President. He added that he has no plans to resign.

Vahe Grigoryan was elected a judge of the Constitutional Court of Armenia on June 18. However, on June 20 during his swearing-in ceremony at the National Assembly he announced that he is about to take his role as the president of the Constitutional Court given that the other judge is out of the country at the moment. This announcment became a topic for intensive public debates.

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