Football Federation of Armenia to build the new national stadium outside Yerevan – FFA President

 Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) will build the new national stadium outside Yerevan, FFA President Artur Vanetsyan told reporters at a briefing.

“The main reason of constructing the national stadium outside Yerevan is that Yerevan is constructed very densely and if we manage to build the stadium in a province, other infrastructures will be build next to the stadium, thus by contributing to the development of provinces”, he said.

The FFA President said the Hrazdan stadium is a bearer of history, but its renovation will require huge sums. “The FFA lacks so much money, another investor is need for that. The owner of the stadium is currently working on this path. According to the specialists, no matter how well the stadium will be renovated, it will not meet the international demands”, he said.

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