Speaker Mirzoyan participates in 4th Summit of Parliament Speakers of Central and Eastern Europe

The 4th Summit of Parliament Speakers of Central and Eastern Europe has kicked off today in the Polish capital of Warsaw, the Armenian Parliament told Armenpress.

This format is a unique platform to react to the challenges facing Europe, as well as discuss issues of mutual interest.

Speakers of Parliaments of the region, lawmakers and leading scientists are invited to the summit to discuss the common history issues and contemporary challenges.

Speaker of Parliament of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan is also taking part in the summit. While delivering remarks about the common history cases of Eastern and Central Europe, the common threats and in particular Armenia’s democratization example,he urged his colleagues to look and see the real picture, stop ineffective activity. “Dear colleagues, it’s a high time to unite and direct our efforts to resist our common challenges, by strengthening democracy and ensuring peace, promoting education and improving the people’s living conditions, rather than to create new conflicts, new barriers and dividing lines”.

The speakers of the summit also touched upon globalization, national identity issues, as well as the geopolitical situation over the future of Central and Eastern Europe.

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