Yerevan City Hall to buy 15 new garbage trucks to help out embattled waste management operator

 Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan today spoke about the situation around waste management in the capital city.

Marutyan told government officials at a Cabinet meeting that initially the waste management operator, Sanitek, was carrying out normal work in the initial period, however the company’s “incorrect work” led to the existing situation.

Marutyan side Sanitek has been fined nearly 13,000,000 drams.

Prime Miniter Nikol Pashinyan weighed in, noting that there are numerous complaints over waste management in Yeevan.

“Is the situation critical” he asked.

“It’s not critical, 2012 in Naples was critical, I have made photos there, I will send you the photos after the session, you’ll see what’s critical, we hope we won’t reach critical,” Marutyan responded, referring to the 2012 Naples waste management crisis.

Pashinyan said the Government must in all ways support the Yerevan City Hall in order for Sanitek to work duly.

“You said you’ve fined Sanitek with 13 million drams, but this won’t Improve the situation, on the contrary it will make it worse because next time they will say – you fined us 13 million, and we don’t have money to renovate our vehicles”, the PM said.

According to the PM the problem emerged when factually there was only one operator. “Because if we had a second operator there would be a different competitive situation,” he said.

Mayor Marutyan said they studied international practice and today all European companies are returning to the model when the community and government are assuming management of transportation and waste management on themselves.

“Take all necessary measures in order for the problem not to get worse,” Pashinyan told Marutyan.

Pashinyan also called on private companies who are willing to support to contact the City Hall.

Since a procurement process would take a lot of time, the government approved the Yerevan City Hall’s proposal to buy 15 new garbage trucks without tender.

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