Only Bright Armenia party will be opposition in Parliament, says party chairman

Only the Bright Armenia party has an opposition resource in the parliamentary space, party leader Edmon Marukyan told reporters, reports Armenpress.

He said it’s normal that there are and will be opposition forces in the extra-parliamentary space. “The situation is such that there cannot be any other opposition in the Parliament”, he added.

Marukyan said after the revolution the Bright Armenia party had a contribution to the government from the revolution and defended the values of the revolution and prevented any regress from the revolution during these six months. “But this doesn’t mean that we have not shared our concerns, and this also doesn’t mean that this can somehow conceal us in the future”, he said.

Early parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on December 9.

Based on the preliminary results, 3 political forces have been elected to the parliament: My Step alliance – 70.44% of votes, Prosperous Armenia – 8.27% and Bright Armenia – 6.37%.

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