Lusavor Armenia Party seeks to revise community consolidation program

The Lusavor Hayastan (Bright Armenia) party says it has always opposed this reforms of community consolidation, president of the party Edmon Marukyan said in a campaigning event in the border village of Verin (Upper) Karmiraghbyur in Tavush Province.

“We’ve opposed this and we voted against it. In addition, I have raised that the community consolidation in Armenia has been implemented in violation of the laws on local self-governance, local referendum and the European charter,” Marukyan said.

He argued that if something as an idea has given result in Sweden doesn’t mean that the same result can happen in Berd region, where the adversary is every day opening gunfire at.

“Comparing the conditions of Sweden with our conditions is absurd,” Marukyan said.

He said they’ve studied this issue comprehensively. He said that their party is in favor of a proportionate territorial development agenda. “This means that the quality of life in small and large communities must not differ from the quality of life in bigger communities. The dotation system must be changed,” he said.

Marukyan said that Bright Armenia will revise the community consolidation program.

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