Prosecutor General argues current phase of probe requires Kocharyan to remain jailed pending trial

 Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan maintains the stance that at this phase of the ongoing investigation into the 2008 March 1 case there is a necessity for former President Robert Kocharyan to be detained pending trial.

“Our stance is that Robert Kocharyan must remain in custody,” he told reporters today. “And we bring forward our substantiations that prove that this phase of the investigation requires for the former president do be placed under arrest. As to what decision the court will make, I think only the court knows,” he said.

He said that his stance is that what Kocharyan is accused of, cannot anyhow be viewed as actions stemming from the president’s official functions, because the actions violate the law and constitution.

He said that the evidence gathered in the renewed investigation greatly differs from the 2008 probe’s results.

Davtyan said he will participate in today’s court hearing of his complaint on Kocharyan’s release.

The hearing was adjourned yesterday.

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