RPA has no intention to nominate candidate for Prime Minister if Pashinyan resigns

The Republican Party of Armenia has issued a statement over the early parliamentary elections of Armenia.

 “We remain committed to our policy and do not create obstacles for the works of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. We have expressed our position on early parliamentary elections numerous times. We are not against early elections the responsibility of which lies on the shoulders of the Government.

To our vision, the reasonable time for early parliamentary elections is in May or June”, reads the statement, adding that it will give enough time to hold discussions on amendments in the Election Code with all the stakeholders, including the Venice Commission and OSCE/ ODIHR.

“In addition, in the mentioned time period it will be possible to reach agreements with international institutions for obtaining all the necessary equipment for holding transparent elections.

We have expressed our readiness to issue a joint statement with all the political forces on holding the elections in May or June, but irrespective of this, not accepting the arguments of the Government to hold the early parliamentary elections in December, the Republican Army had and has no intention to nominate its candidate for the post of the Prime Minister”, reads the statement.

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