Whatever the people want, says Tsarukyan on early elections

Prosperous Armenia Party president Gagik Tsarukyan says he doesn’t oppose holding early elections of parliament in December, if until then the government will manage to realize the programs envisaged in the government action plan for holding these elections.

“The government action plan envisages actions, after which only elections should take place. If they will manage this by December, let it be December. We aren’t saying we don’t want December. We were next to him, still are, means we are next to the people,” Tsarukyan told Kentron TV.

He said that if the people want early elections to take place in December, then his party wants it that way also. “We don’t have problems,” he said.

Tsarukyan added that all former presidents of Armenia have nothing to do with his party and cannot regain office through him.

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