All parliamentary factions ready to hold debates on organizing early parliamentary elections

The National Assembly factions are ready to negotiate with PM Pashinyan about the terms and conditions of early parliamentary elections, representatives of the factions told ARMENPRESS, commenting on the announcement of the PM about his intention to hold talks with parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces to discuss the terms and conditions of early parliamentary elections.

“Frankly speaking I see no reasons for early parliamentary elections, but we are ready to any talks. The parliament functions normally and supports all the bills and programs of the Cabinet. We do not create any obstacles”, head of RPA faction Vahram Baghdasaryan said, adding that it’s still necessary to complete the amendments of the Electoral Code.

To the question if it’s possible that they will change their position after the negotiations, Baghdasaryan noted that the negotiations are for understanding the pros and cons of the suggestions, “This issue cannot be decided by one person but it can be discussed. We will discuss and make a decision”, he said.

According to MP from Prosperous Armenia Party Vahe Enfiajyan, they also support the idea of establishing a format of discussions so as they are able to reach a comprehensive agreement. Enfiajyan did not present details on their position, just said that they are ready for talks.

Head of “Yelk” faction Lena Nazaryan noted that the “Civil Contract” Party is the revolutionary force that has brought forward the agenda of early elections. She couldn’t say any details on the terms and conditions, adding that it will be decided during the negotiations with the PM. “I think that parliamentary elections are really necessary for a number of reasons”, she said, emphasizing that the main reason is that the present National Assembly does not reflect the real moods of the people and it became more striking following the Yerevan City Council elections.

Representative of ARF Supreme Council Arsen Hambardzumyan said that the idea of holding early parliamentary elections is enshrined in the Cabinet action plan which has been supported also by them. “Nothing has changed in our position”, he said, adding that they are also ready to discuss the terms and conditions of holding early elections.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced earlier today that he will soon convene negotiations with parliamentary and non-parliamentary political forces to discuss the timing and conditions for early elections of parliament.

The PM made the statement at a meeting with the Armenian-American community in New York City, USA.

PM Pashinyan emphasized that initially there was a sentiment for these elections to take place until June of next year, but the state of waiting which exists among potential investors, who require long-term political recordings, as well as for making the economic environment more favorable, the elections should take place earlier in order for the economic restoration process to being sooner.

“Today the structure of our economy doesn’t give basis for any optimist, and we must change it. Today it is comprised from three main branches: one is agriculture, which doesn’t comply with modern conditions, the other is mining, which means the sale of national wealth, and the other is the gambling branch. In July, our economy recorded double-digit activity, and the reason for it was the football world cup. This structure isn’t favorable for us, and we want to transform Armenia from an agrarian, mining and gambling country into a high-tech country, which is our most important imperative, which stems from our security environment. Our government had done everything that depended on it during four months in order to keep the situation stable in the country, because this is the most important challenge of the post-revolution period, in which we succeeded.

Today our most important task is to attract new investments. With this purpose we are going for reforms in the tax code, establishment of an independent judiciary, maintenance of a stable political situation, for which we must hold early elections of parliament soon. With the results of the Yerevan City Council elections it is clear for everyone that early elections of parliament are unavoidable, and that the elections should take place as soon as possible,” the PM stressed.

The Prime Minister added that today the monopolies and corruption are defeated in Armenia, that the Yerevan City Council elections took place without corruption and without the interference of criminal elements. “Citizens were enabled to vote for whomever they wanted to, and eventually they voted for the revolution, early elections of parliament, free and happy Armenia. Today, money has no effect of election results, we will create tools in order for money to be used in politics not for vote buying, but for making what you have to say more accessible,” the PM said.

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