PM Pashinyan presents details over March 1 incidents

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan presented details over March 1 incidents and the developments before that in his speech during the election campaign of “My step” block, ARMENPRESS reports the PM emphasized that on February 23, 2008 2nd President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan announced that he introduces emergency situation in the country starting from 12:00.

“The emergency situation was not introduced overnight March 2, 2008. It was only the official component. It was introduced on February 23 and this has been proved and there are all the necessary facts. Robert Kocharyan withdrew the troops from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and used it for the occupation of his own people, and this is also proved. And during this period there was no one to replace our soldiers in the trenches. Those who were to stay 14 days, remained much longer and our border was left unprotected”, ARMENPRESS reports Pashinyan as saying.

He added that serviceman of internal troops Tigran Abgaryan was shot dead in front of the Generals in Leo street. “The army was ordered to open fire at the windows of the buildings and uniforms were taken from the army and given to the bodyguards of the oligarchs inside the building of the Government, and automatic rifle were also given to them. According to our operative data, there was an order in the in the morning of March 1 to beat the people. The document they showed later was created later. And we have very precise operative data about that.  High ranking official told lies to the fact finding group by the order of higher officials. Yes, the servicemen received orders from the President’s administration to go to the fact finding group and tell them lies. They also made the army their own mercenaries”, the Armenian PM said.

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