Oksuz case, PART 3: Arrested Turkish mystery-man under investigation by Armenian law enforcement for tax evasion involving Yerevan-based business

The Turkish-born American lobbyist, who was recently arrested in Yerevan after being declared internationally wanted by the United States for perjury, was engaged in criminal activities in the Armenian capital during his stay here, as it turns out.

In response to an inquiry, the Prosecutor General’s office of Armenia told ARMENPRESS that Oksuz’s The Sena Group, an event and destination agency based in Yerevan, is suspected in tax evasion.

The Prosecutor General’s office said that the anti-organized crime department of police launched a criminal case on tax evasion committed by Kevin (Kemal) Oksuz, the founder and director of the company. “Within the framework of the case authorized Armenian bodies are entitled to carry out investigative actions,” the Prosecutor General’s office said. The criminal proceedings were launched under paragraph 1, Article 205 (tax evasion) of the Criminal Code. If found guilty, Oksuz might face up to five years behind bars or major fines.

Earlier on August 31 a Yerevan court remanded into custody Kemal Oksuz for 30 days pending further proceedings.

“This is the period when authorized bodies of the US can file a motion for extradition for criminal prosecution,” the Prosecutor General’s Office said, adding that they can’t mention a specific date of extradition because in the event of receiving a motion it will first have to pass a deny/allow procedure, which in turn can be appealed in court as prescribed by law.

The Prosecutor General’s Office also said that Oksuz “is exercising his right to an attorney”.

Asked if Oksuz holds dual US and Turkish citizenship, the Prosecutor General’s Office said that “according to the copy of the identification document of Kevin (Kemal) Oksuz currently available at the Prosecutor General’s Office, the latter is a US citizen”.

Karen Khachatryan, Stepan Kocharyan, Araks Kasyan

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