2nd President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan to participate in upcoming snap parliamentary elections

2nd President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan will participate in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections, he said in an interview to Sputnik Armenia.

The 2nd President said it’s still early to talk about with which format and political team he will participate in the elections, adding that there is still a lot of time, and the situation is changing dynamically and will change. “I don’t think now it’s right to talk about the formats. Now it is necessary to form the unit by organizational steps by which you have been presented in the political field, the targets your activity will be directed for, and the mass of voters who you think can be your future support. This is the main task at the moment”, he said.

He didn’t rule out that he can become the center of the opposition pole or one of that centers. “I first of all try to rely on myself and the forces, mass voters, citizens uniting around me. The stronger this force, the greater the possibility to form alliances”, the 2nd President said, but didn’t mention the political forces which will be members of the possible alliance.

The 2nd President said those citizens of Armenia, who remember the achievements during his tenure, are his political support.