President Sargsyan hosts distinguished school children and youth

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on August 29 hosted the schoolchildren, who demonstrated excellent results in the academic year 2016-17, graduates awarded with Gold Medals as well as the laureates of the 2017 international subject Olympiads – Kangaroo International Olympiad on Mathematics and the Bee Armenian Language competition – from the educational establishments of the Republic, press service of the President’s Office told Armenpress.

At the traditional meeting the President addressed a welcoming speech to the participants. Serzh Sargsyan responded to the questions of the participants after which the graduates and schoolchildren received awards – medals, certificates from the President of Armenia and the Minister of Education and Science.

President delivered congratulatory remarks at the meeting.

“Dear children,

Dear youth, 

I sincerely welcome you at the residence of the President of the Republic of Armenia. Once again I warmly congratulate you on the achievements recorded in the international subject Olympiads – Kangaroo International Olympiad on Mathematics and the Bee Armenian Language competition, and of course, on the graduation of school with excellence. Your achievements give strength and power to our people, encourage me and inspire belief towards our country’s future. By this we want to state that we link our country’s future with the development of science and education and want your example to be contagious for your peers, relatives and classmates. The thirst for science and education, if it can be considered infection from good point of view, should not be ever prevented, quite the contrary, we want that infection to spread everywhere.

Our people have always liked and strived to science. Dear children and youth, you know that the Armenian people are spread across the world, and wherever Armenians reached, first of all they have set up a school. Of course, they have built a school in order to preserve the native language, but they have never been limited only to the native language, and the leading that exists in the world, they have always tried to understand it, transfer to the homeland, localize and develop it. Thanks to this our people managed to overcome these difficulties for thousands of years and reached to the 21st century. Thus, your love towards science contributes to the longevity of our people.  

I want to thank you for your deep curiosity and diligence since it is impossible to reach major success only with curiosity. I perfectly imagine the hard work done by our distinguished children, Gold medal winners, our youth who received awards at the international subject Olympiads. It is my desire that this purposefulness, curiosity and especially diligence accompany you throughout your life. 

The basis of goodness is knowledge. The basis of competitiveness is knowledge. In this regard, the Republic of Armenia is always ready to stand together with all of you. I want for you to study at other best universities after graduation of school, also after graduating high educational institution or even half of the way. After graduating from the universities of Armenia or other countries, I would like most of you to be engaged in science since as I said the love and skills towards science and education have reached our people up to the 21st century. Thus, you should continue the efforts of the best individuals of our medieval and modern times. We are always ready to assist and support you.  

Of course, I am grateful to your parents who have been able to spread this infection on you on the one hand, and have always tried to create conditions so that you can study good and reach results on the other hand. But know, you are the main hero, you are the creator of the history. Your parents and teachers assist you with love, support from the positions of more knowledgeable people, but you will hardly be able to reach serious achievements without your desire and diligence”.

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