President Sargsyan attends graduation ceremony of 2016-2017 graduates of military- educational institutions

Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armenian Armed Forces, President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on August 25 joined the country’s top leadership to attend the graduation ceremony of 2016-2017 academic year graduates of military-educational institutions at Sardarapat memorial complex, press service of the President’s Office told Armenpress.

The President welcomed the participants, congratulated the graduates of military-educational institutions on the graduation ceremony, wishing them good service and every success.

In accordance with the order signed by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, 279 graduates have been awarded with the first commissioned officer title of Lieutenant. Within the framework of the event, the graduates of military educational institutions received their graduation documents and daggers, which were handed in by the President of the Republic and the National Security Council members. The President of Armenia delivered a speech on that occasion.

The event ended with a farewell ceremony to combat flags and a ceremonious military march.



Remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the graduation ceremony of 2016-2017 academic year graduates of military-educational institutions

Dear Graduates,

Dear Servicemen,

I sincerely congratulate you on completion of this important stage in your life. You have successfully completed your studies and will depart from here to serve your dedicated mission.

You will be at the frontline, at the military units, at the headquarters and in the rear. Wherever you may go, you will assume the role of a commander followed by our courageous soldiers.

I have no doubt that first of all you will be exacting with yourself that will entitle you to be as much exacting towards your subordinates who are supposed to follow your example, your moral image. You will become a family member, elder brother and a counselor for them.

I am confident that either your superiors will act as such senior brothers and experienced advisors. They have already passed that same path. They should help you avoid the mistakes they have made, they must rely on and support you.

The Armenian army is just such a large family. Our country is just such a large family. Movses Khorenatsi used to say, “We are a small nation.” Yes, we are small, yet powerful, strong with unity characteristics of a [powerful nation and family.

We must remember that the primary meaning of the word “nation” is family and dynasty. The purpose of your service is to ensure the safety and peace of your family, your dynasty, your nation.

Dear Servicemen,

The “One for all and all for one” slogan is at the heart of our armed forces, which became the people’s army uniting the countrymen and the writers, the drivers and the software developers, the jewelers and the musicians. It was just that national effort that defended Artsakh and continues to guarantee its security.

The military service brings up a new type of Armenian citizen – firmly standing on the ground, confident in their strength, supporting their companions, confident about the strength of the rear. This type is brought up by your parents in the family, and the same will be handed down to your children. This type is trained in our schools, learning from teachers to distinguish between good and bad, good, evil, and injustice.

On these positive values and freedom we build our country, defend our cause and our land. That is why we won in the battlefield and are strong in our positions. Dear servicemen, you are just the leaders in those positions: you are the guardians of our frontiers.

The staff of commissioned officers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia features a new type of Armenian intellectuals thanks to Armenia’s independent statehood. And our State will do its utmost to solve the problems of its glorious soldiers.

Here, where the spirit of the Sardarapat heroes flies, we all have to understand the burden of historical responsibility that we have on our shoulders. It is not only the security of today’s Armenia, but also the responsibility to ensure the continuity of our statehood.

Dear Graduates,

Dear Servicemen,

Reiterating my congratulations, I wish you all good service and great achievements that will undoubtedly be the success of the whole nation.

Thank you.


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