Japan to provide Armenia new firefighting equipment

The Armenian government approved the proposal for signing a grant agreement within the frames of ‘Program of improving the firefighting equipment’ between the governments of Armenia and Japan, reports Armenpress.

Minister of emergency situations Davit Tonoyan said in 2010 the Japanese government provided 28 units of equipment to the Armenian rescue service. At the moment new grant agreement is being signed.

Based on the program explanation, the new equipment will operate in Syunik, Shirak and Lori provinces taking into account their geographical position, considerable differences of absolute height of the area.

The minister said several communities of the aforementioned provinces are located 32-48km away from firefighting-rescue brigades, and the firefighting crews sometimes arrive to the scene 50-60 minutes late based on which the response becomes meaningless. As a result significant material and moral damage is caused to environment, companies and citizens. The minister added that firefighting trucks are old, so it’s necessary to upgrade them. The experience showed that the most reliable ones are the Japanese trucks.

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