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14.07.2014   23:10
Yerevan will become the world’s jewelry capital in 2016, since one of the World Jewelry Confederation’s (CIBJO) regular sessions will be held here that year, the press office of the Armenian Jewellers Association (AJA) reported on Tuesday.
The CIBJO is an influential organization that received official consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in 2006. It holds its annual congresses in one of countries. Its 2012 session was held in Israel, the 2013 session in Turkey, this year’s in Moscow and the next year’s in Brazil.
The proposal to convene the session in Yerevan came from Gagik Gevorgyan, the president of AJA and the Armenian president’s advisor, who is also the head of the Association of Russia’s Jewellers and the Estet Jewelry House.
Moscow hosted the 2014 congress in May at his initiative. Some 152 delegates from 25 countries gathered here for the event.
At this congress, Gevorgyan came up with two initiatives – to institute an international jewelry award CIBJO, something like Jewelry Oscar, for best jewelers and to ask UNESCO on behalf of CIBJO for setting the International Jeweler Day. Both initiatives were upheld by the session participants.
According to the National Statistical Service, exports of precious and semiprecious stones and jewelry totaled $92.7 million in Jan-May 2014 (25% year-on-year growth) and imports totaled $136.6 million (41% growth).
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