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Mutual Statement of the Three Armenian Parties of Lebanon

27.09.2014   12:09

In light of the bombing of an Armenian church in Syria the three Armenian political parties in Lebanon issued the following statement:

While preparing the Armenian people to commemorate the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and at the time of the Fifth General Armenian Conference in Armenia, where the Armenian leaders once again reiterated the international community’s demand for justice, a brutal criminality against the Armenians stroke again by the bombing of the Martyrs’ Church  and the Genocide Museum of Deir Zor.

The three Armenian parties of Lebanon strongly condemn the bombing of what this specific church represents of moral and symbolic value for Armenians where the the remains of a large number of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide lie.  The three Armenian parties of Lebanon call the international community to strongly condemn the crime and do what’s possible to prevent its continuation.

Also, the three Armenian parties of Lebanon call the Turkish state to deter the criminals, due to her relations with them, regardless of its direct or indirect responsibility in such an act today.

Tashnag Party

Henchag Party

Ramgavar Party

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