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Ministry, agriculture alliance sign MoU to enhance co-op

06.09.2017   09:11

Armenia’s minister of agriculture Ignati Arakelyan held a meeting today with the Agricultural Alliance of Armenia to discuss the new programs of the ministry and directions for cooperation.

The ministry told ARMENPRESS the sides began the meeting with discussions over the partial subsidizing of credit interest rates programs, the “2017-2025 development strategy of villages and agriculture” and other programs.

The parties discussed the pilot program on introducing an insurance system in the field of agriculture, improvement of consultation systems and providing quality education.

The minister stressed the importance of cooperation between the government and the civil society.

The sides planned to create a task force which will research the legislative field of agriculture and submit proposals for improvement.

At the end of the meeting, the ministry and the alliance signed a memorandum of understanding regarding cooperation in the agriculture field.

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