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Number of people visiting Armenia for medical tourism increases

19.08.2017   13:25

The number of people visiting Armenia for medical tourism has increased this summer compared to previous years, Hayk Yenokyan – Head of plastic and maxillofacial surgery service in Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery, told a press conference on August 19, reports Armenpress.

“Medical tourism is an established field in Armenia and the tourism flow for this purpose is increasing every year. Many tourists arrive in Armenia to receive medical service, and they are not only people with Armenian origin, but also with different nationalities. Compared to previous years when only Diaspora-Armenians were visiting for this purpose, now tourists of different nationalities also arrive in Armenia. The geography is quite big, people from Sweden, Denmark, other European countries, Iran, the UAE arrive in Armenia for medical tourism”, he said.

He informed that tourists in Armenia are mainly interested in nose surgery among plastic surgeries. According to him, foreign partners already accept that Armenian doctors exceeded everyone in terms of nose surgery. “If you do a surgery for many times, you become more skilled”, Yenokyan said.  

He added that Armenia manages to keep competitive price for plastic surgeries. Hayk Yenokyan said compared to Europe and the US the plastic surgeries in Armenia are much more affordable.

Psychologist Lilit Khachatryan said people visit Armenia not only for dentistry and plastic surgeries, but also for psychological consulting. Armenians mainly from Israel, Belgium, England and Russia arrive for psychological consulting.


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