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In all probability state of emergency will be prolonged – PM Pashinyan

06.07.2020   20:37

 It’s impossible to prolong state of emergency endlessly, but considering the situation over the pandemic, it’s necessary to show balanced approach, ARMENPRESS reports PM Pashinyan said in a briefing following the session at the Commandant’s Office.

‘’Of course, the situation leads to some concrete solutions, but on the other hand we understand that we cannot prolong the state of emergency endlessly. In all probability, if everything continues in this same way, we will prolong the state of emergency one more time. Anyway, we will try to improve the law on state of emergency in a way that when eliminating the state of emergency we will still have some levers to pursue anti-pandemic policy like during the state of emergency’’, Pashinyan said.


State of emergency in Armenia was prolonged until July 13.

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