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Armenia coronavirus: nearly 650 patients in serious or critical condition

02.07.2020   21:13

 There are no major changes in Armenia in terms of the coronavirus situation, Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan said at the Cabinet meeting, adding that 593 new cases and 6 more deaths have been confirmed in the past one day.

“The situation with the healthcare system almost is the same, the intensive care units are full of patients. There are two-three beds, and we are managing to place patients who are in serious and critical condition in these beds”, he said, adding that the number of those in serious and critical condition is nearly 650. 44 people are switched to ventilators. As of this morning, 11 coronavirus infected people are waiting for hospitalization. 80 patients are waiting for their transportation to coronavirus designated hospitals.

He informed that the number of hospital beds is increasing in provinces. He will personally visit today the provinces to get acquainted with the process.

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