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Institute of Molecular Biology conducts studies aimed at detecting antiviral drug

01.07.2020   20:54

The Institute of Molecular Biology of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences is currently conducting major studies aimed at finding antiviral drugs or compounds which can be used for treating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Director of the Institute Arsen Arakelyan told a press conference in Armenpress.

“Our scientific team for the study of antiviral mechanisms, led by Hovakim Zakaryan, has already managed to identify several compounds that have a good interaction with the virus proteins. This allows to conclude that these compounds will be able to pressure the entry of the virus into a cell. But I want to stay that there is still a long path from the result to the use. I want to repeat again these are fundamental scientific studies, at the moment we do not have drugs we can propose as treatment means”, he said.

At this stage the scientific research planned by the Institute continues, these studies aim at developing new tests and drugs.

As for the coronavirus-related process, in addition to the production of tests, the Institute has also tested the equipment and items developed by scientific organizations.

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