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Yerevan cop caught red-handed by national security agents at bribe rendezvous

27.12.2018   23:07

A police officer has been arrested by national security agents while accepting a bribe from a citizen inside his patrol vehicle, the National Security Service (NSS) said.

According to the NSS, a citizen – whose identity is undisclosed – contacted them on December 21 to report that a police officer has demanded 700 dollars in a bribe.

The NSS said it revealed that the officer is a community police inspector of the Arabkir department of Yerevan. He demanded the bribe from the citizen in order to drop proceedings of a complaint that has been filed by somebody else against him. The demanded money was negotiated down to 500 USD.

The NSS launched an undercover operation in cooperation with the person who reported the crime on December 26.

Under control and surveillance of NSS agents, the person went to the rendezvous location with the officer to hand over the bribe inside the cop’s patrol vehicle.

Right after the bribe was given, NSS agents apprehended the officer red-handedly.

The office is placed under arrest amid an ongoing criminal case.

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