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Azerbaijan threatens with Chernobyl-style catastrophe – Forbes

18.07.2020   16:54

Forbes has referred to the threats of Azerbaijan to strike Armenia’s Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant. The magazine noted that Azerbaijan threatens a Chernobyl-style catastrophe in the Caucasus drone war. ARMENPRESS reports author of the article David Hambling noted that the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has again turned into an open war.   Both sides have used UAVs but Azerbaijan has now threatened to use its capability to hit Armenia’s only atomic power plant.

Forbes noted that the most alarming development is the threat of nuclear “catastrophe” made by Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman Vagif Dargyakhli.  Dargyakhly stated that their weapons  “are capable of hitting the Metzamur Atomic Energy Station with high accuracy, which will turn into a catastrophe for Armenia.”

The author noted that the Metzamur nuclear power plant was constructed at the same time as Chernobyl in the 1970s.

The author notes that the threat was made after an alleged Armenian threat to the Mingachevir dam, which hold 15 billion cubic meters of water, supplying a vital hydroelectric power plant. Armenia denies any such threat, saying they never attack civilian targets and have not suggested hitting the dam.

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