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Further escalation threatening regional security is impermissible – Russian MFA

13.07.2020   17:39

Russia’s foreign ministry says the further escalation threatening the regional security is impermissible, the ministry said in a statement, commenting on the July 12-13 provocative operations launched by Azerbaijan on the border with Armenia, in the direction of Tavush province.

“The ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation is deeply concerned over the drastic escalation of the situation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border on July 12. According to the reports received, the military operations continue. Artillery is used, casualties and wounded are reported. We extend our condolences to the families and relatives of the victims. We consider impermissible the further escalation threatening the regional security. We call on the conflicting sides to demonstrate restraint and strongly follow the ceasefire regime”, the statement says.


The Russian MFA expressed readiness to provide necessary support for the stabilization of the situation.

On July 12, at about 12:30, the armed forces of Azerbaijan attempted to violate the state border of Armenia in an UAZ vehicle in the direction of Tavush province. Following the warning of the Armenian side, the Azerbaijani armed forces left the vehicle and returned to their position. At about 13:45, the Azerbaijani forces made a second attempt to capture the Armenian border post, using artillery fire, but were pushed back, suffering losses.

The Azerbaijani defense ministry reported that four soldiers have died in the incident.

Later that day Armenian defense minister’s spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan announced that the Azerbaijani side restarted shelling the same Armenian position, using 82 mm mortars and a tank.

Today Shushan Stepanyan announced that the Azerbaijani side has again resumed shelling the Armenian positions.

No casualties were reported from the Armenian side. Only two police officers, who were on a combat duty in the border, were slightly injured from the Azerbaijani operations.

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