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COVID-19 updates: Brazil records over 1 million cases

20.06.2020   20:02

The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has surpassed 8 million 766 thousand, according to the data released by coronavirus research centers.

The death toll is over 462,000.

More than 4 million 628 thousand patients have recovered.

US is leading in the world in terms of the largest number of infected people (2 million 297 thousand 338 confirmed cases). 121,407 deaths were reported.

Brazil has reported a total of 1,038,568 confirmed cases and 49,090 deaths. Brazil now is the 2nd both with the death toll and the confirmed cases.

The next is Russia. The total number of cases in Russia has reached 569,063. 7,972 new cases were confirmed here in one day.7,841 patients have died so far.

India is now the 4th with 396,182 cases. Death rate is 12,970.

UK has confirmed 301,815 cases. The death toll has reached 42,461.

Spain, Peru, Italy, Chile and Iran are the top 10 worst hit countries by coronavirus.

China, where the pandemic broke out, has appeared in the 21st place. 27 new cases have been confirmed in China. The total number of the cases is 83,352. 78,410 have recovered. 4,634 people died.

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