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How To Impress Interviewers

20.12.2018   23:03


NOR OR, LOS ANGELES – I want to dedicate this article to all my readers who are looking for jobs, running from interview to interview, and anyone else who knows how stressful interviews can be. For the past month, I have been in that position. Applying to jobs is extremely stressful, especially when you haven’t applied to long term jobs.

For my teaching credential program, I had the option of student teaching, which is when you shadow a current teacher for a semester, or a paid internship, where you get hired as a full time teacher at a school. I was determined to get hired as an intern, so I applied to all the math teacher openings that I could find (there were only four of them). Each interview that I went to was more stressful than the last, even though I was well prepared. After going through the process, I decided to write a collection of tips and tricks that I wish I knew before going to all my interviews.

The first tip, although it may seem like common sense, is to dress better than you would for the job. This will show interviewers that you took time to get ready for this job and that you care enough to spend time getting ready. Keep in mind that you’re trying to impress them during the interview, but also as soon as you walk in. The first impression time frame is only 7 seconds, so you have to make those count. Walk in there looking as professional as you can, make eye contact, smile, and give a nice and firm handshake!

The second best tip I could give you is to be comfortable. Interviews can be uncomfortable and stressful, but by remaining calm and being comfortable, you will be able to think more clearly. You want to make sure you can think clearly so that you can answer all of the interview questions to the best of your ability.

The third tip is that it’s okay to take a moment to think about how you would answer the questions. Some interviewers will show you the questions they will be asking, and tell you that you can take a few minutes to look over them. Use this time! Figure out what the best answers would be to their questions, because you are there to impress them and show that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Now go out there and impress everyone!


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