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ARMENPRESS and RAG Mamoul establish cooperation platform: ARMENPRESS to have Western- Armenian content

21.08.2017   11:30

ARMENPRESS news agency and RAG Mamoul internet portal create a new platform for cooperation which enables to make the information materials of the Armenian state news agency available for a number of Diaspora media, as well as to form Western-Armenian content.

Director of ARMENPRESS news agency Aram Ananyan and Zartonk newspaper’s editor-in-chief, representative of RAG Mamoul internet portal Sevak Hakobyan signed a memorandum of cooperation at ARMENPRESS press hall.

In an interview with ARMENPRESS, Sevak Hakobyan attached importance to the ethics of using the news and respecting the copyright. He said despite the field’s features, media is also a production like production of any good. “Thus, that news belongs to the producing structure. Unfortunately, it is a common phenomenon in the Armenian reality or just in today’s culture to take the news prepared by someone else and use it without thinking about how much did it cost, how many people have worked on its content. I think it’s a steal since it is the same when someone takes the clothes made by another and sells. Firstly, for respecting us, serving others as example, we decided to sign such cooperation agreement so that we can legally use the news from one another”, Hakobyan said.

He also attaches importance to the reliability of the news, stating that today there is every kind of news everywhere. “Unfortunately, in many cases not many people pay attention to the reliability, seriousness of the news and they are being disseminated spontaneously. For us it is very important that the news is reliable. Unlike many media users who disseminate the news without checking them, it is important for us to have such an agreement with Armenpress since no one doubts on the reliability of the news spread by it”, Sevak Hakobyan said.

He added that under this agreement, RAG Mamoul portal, Zartonk daily, Nor or weekly, Sardarapart weekly and Hay Kyanq periodical receive a right to use the news of ARMENPRESS news agency.

On this occasion Hakobyan expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Central Board of Ramgavar Azatakan/ Democratic Liberal Party Sergio Nahapetian and Chairman of Tekeyan Cultural Association Founders’ Body Hakob Gasachjian, as well as the departments led by them for sponsoring the abovementioned newspapers and the unconditional trust towards him. Hakobyan also thanked the aforementioned newspapers and editors for their honest cooperation spirit.

“Those media operating in Diaspora will have a chance to use the ARMENPRESS news and will refrain from the danger to release unreliable news. We call on all our partners also to use the reliable news of ARMENPRESS news agency”, he stated.

Director of ARMENPRESS news agency Aram Ananyan said they launch a qualitatively new project which is based on three cognitive points. “The first point is that our Diaspora partners will have an access to quality news, and we take the first step on this path with RAG Mamoul. The cooperation opens opportunities also for numerous new partners”, Aram Ananyan said.

The second key point is the legal use of the content. “We agree with the viewpoit that the use of media product should be honest and on legal basis, and by this agreement we address a message to all our partners both in Armenia and Diaspora. We are very happy that we launch cooperation with one of the pioneers of the Diaspora-Armenian media. We hope this example will be contagious”.

The third point, which is also important, is to have a Western-Armenian version of some of Armenpress’ newsletters. “This is our joint product that has one goal – to multiply news in Western-Armenian and the progress of the Western-Armenian literary language. We believe this will be our small contribution to this process”, he said.

Aram Ananyan also attached importance to the fact that 80-year-old Zartonk daily has entered a new development stage. “RAG Mamoul as well takes serious steps to promote the media to a new level through the help of advanced technologies, and we definitely welcome this”, Aram Ananyan said, adding that ARMENPRESS news agency wits its experience and opportunities is ready to assist its partner.

According to Ananyan, under the signed agreement the cooperation will give not a usual, but a synergistic outcome. “In other words, we need to adopt innovative approaches, and those approaches are open for all our partners. ARMENPRESS as a state pan-Armenian news agency together with its partner announces the launch of new and interesting stage which can be much more productive and will form a practical and tangible media network to make the dissemination and transfer of information more effective”, he said.

Aram Ananyan recalled that during teletype period there was Armenpress-Krunk that connected Yerevan, New York, Paris and Beirut. “At that time, Zartonk was one of the beneficiaries of that information flow, and we are happy that decades after the Krunk we somehow restore it. We can confidently state that we will be able to implement new interesting formats in near future, starting from video conferences, joint press conferences up to creating and disseminating new formats of joint media products. We call on all our partners to follow our example and make that network a reality for the benefit of the Armenian people and all our news agencies”, Aram Ananyan concluded.


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